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Food distribution at a displaced person’s camp, Mornei Village, West Darfour, November 3rd, 2004 (c) Claude Iverné / Elnour
991-41. Barber and hairdressing salon, Zaghawa tribe, Geneina, West Darfour, December 2005 (c) Claude Iverné / Elnour
67614-01. Mnaïma Adjak, Shenabla tribe, Awasma clan, nomadic farmers, North Kordofan, August 2001 (c) Claude Iverné / Elnour
302-23. Ahmed Abdullai Ahmed, Jawama Tribe, Tijamé Clan, crop of the gum arabic, Edelbacha el Galab, North Darfour, January 2002 (c) Claude Iverné / Elnour

24 June, 2015

Claude Iverné, Winner of HCB Award 2015

On June 23rd, after meetings at Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris, the jury of the HCB Award 2015 has nominated the French photographer Claude Iverné as the winner, for his project “Sudanese Photographs, Gazelle River.” He was nominated by Xavier Barral, publisher.

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