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Passage Bavestrello, Valparaiso, Chili, 1952 © Sergio Larrain/Magnum Photos
Exhibition catalog "Sergio Larrain, Vagabondages", Editions Xavier Barral, 2013

2 May, 2014

Sergio Larrain’s “Vagabond Photographer” Receives the 2014 Kraszna-Krausz Book Award

Sergio Larrain published only four books during his lifetime, and a complete monograph of his work has never previously been put together. This book fills that space with a selection of more than 200 photographs from throughout his career, alongside a selection of letters, drawings, and handwritten texts that reflect Larrain’s compassionate vision of the world.

Sergio Larrain
Vagabond Photographer
Edited by Agnès Sire
Text by Gonzalo Leiva Quijada

English edition published by Thames & Hudson

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