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Download Application Form

A brief memo signed by the nominating institution presenting its recommendation and justifying their nominee.(one typed page maximum, in English and/or in French)

A selection of 15 to 20 photographs by the candidate (maximum size of the prints 30 x 40 cm, not framed, no slides). Books or printed material are accepted and welcome.

A brief memo (2 typed pages maximum) from the candidate outlining the project for which he wishes to receive the award. In this note, the candidate has to agree to have finalized the project in September 2014 at the latest in order to meet the deadline for the exhibit and the publication of the catalogue . This memo has to be written in French and in English and signed by the candidate.

A concise biography of the candidate’s professional background, exhibitions, publications, grants and prizes received.

The application form, must be completed and signed by the candidate.

Once the prize-winner is nominated, the following implies:

An exhibition of the work will be organized in the 18 following months at the Fondation HCB in Paris, and may travel, especially in Hermès exhibition spaces worldwide. The winner agrees not to exhibit or publish all or part of the project before the exhibition at the Fondation HCB, without the formal agreement of the Fondation HCB.

A catalogue of the work will be published with the photographer’s approval.

Fifteen photographs free of rights, divided up as follows will be used by the Fondation HCB and partners for information or promotion of the HCB Award (press, website…):
-Five photographs will be used to announce the winner.
-Ten others to promote the exhibition.

The prize-winner will donate five signed prints to the HCB Foundation.

The prize-winner owns and controls the work produced with the award provided that credit be given to the HCB Award and the support of the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès in exhibitions and publications.

The prize-winner is requested to sign a contract with the Fondation HCB, respecting the above elements when he receives the check.

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