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Address and opening hours
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How is the Foundation financed ?
The Foundation has been recognized by the French Government as being for public benefit but it is a privately financed institution. The Foundation needs to find funding to be able to continue to restore its collection, organize high quality exhibitions and publish catalogues.

What is the connection between HCB and Magnum ?
Henri Cartier-Bresson founded Magnum Photos in 1947 with Robert Capa, David Seymour (Chim), George Rodger and William Vandivert. HCB is no longer a voting member of Magnum since 1965, however his photographs are still distributed by Magnum Photos. The Cultural Department of Magnum Photos is in charge of proposing all HCB exhibits to institutions and museums. You can find this list in the HCB Exhibition section of the site. You can also view the HCB archive on the Magnum Photos website : www.magnumphotos.com

Are there other museums in the neighbourhood of the HCB Foundation ?
Yes : you can visit the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, the Bourdelle Museum, the Museum of the Montparnasse or the Zadkine Museum (amongst others).

Where can you buy HCB signed photographs?
Does the Foundation sell HCB prints ?

The Foundation does not sell HCB prints. However if you wish to acquire HCB’s photographs, please email us : contact@henricartierbresson.org.

What HCB derived merchandise is available for sale ?
HCB is against using his name and his œuvre for commercial use. However there exists books, catalogues, post cards, posters and calendars.

Is the Foundation open for research ? How can one use its facilities ?
The Foundation is open to scholars with a letter of introduction presenting their research. They need to make an appointment to use the archives or see the collections. The majority of HCB archive can be viewed on the magnum website : www.magnumphotos.com

What works of HCB are visible at the Foundation ?
The Foundation uses its permanent collection for temporary exhibits on HCB. Please see the programme of the Foundation.

How can one publish an HCB photograph?
For any use, please contact Magnum Photos : www.magnumphotos.com

Does the Foundation buy works by HCB ?
The Foundation is interested in acquiring vintage prints.

Does the Foundation buy work by other artists ?

Does the Foundation accept donations of prints of HCB or other artists ?
All donations of prints must be approved by the board of trustees.

Does the Foundation screen HCB films ? Where can I see them ?
The Foundation has copies of all HCB films. The Cinemathèque Française in Paris has a good collection of HCB films.

Does the foundation give out grants ?
The Foundation gives out the HCB Award every other year.

How does one apply to the HCB Award ?
By downloading the application on this site.

How much is my photography of HCB worth ? Where can I sell it ??
You should consult with Christie’s or Sotheby’s who organise photography sales in which HCB works are regularly featured.

How do I know if my photograph is an original HCB Collector’s Print ?
If it is a modern collector’s print, it is signed on the recto with a blind stampe on the left side. If it is a vintage print, it is usually stamped HCB and signed on the back. If it a press print it is not usually signed and has a Magnum copyright stamp on the back. It is the property of Henri Cartier-Bresson and should not be sold. For futher information, please send us a email : contact@henricartierbresson.org

How can I be informed on events at the Foundation ?
By signing up to the mailing list.